Vaping Health Risks – Dangers Of Vaping

34320747 - male smoking a vapor cigarette as an alternative to tobacco

Because of the dangers of smoking, some tout the electric cigarette as an option for helping smokers to stop smoking cigarettes but keep in mind that smokers of electronic cigarettes still inhale nicotine, which is the addictive substance in normal tobacco cigarettes. The only difference between a traditional and e-cig is that the user gets to inhale the smoke that is created by heating the liquid with the help of a vape coil that is there in the e-cig or the vaping device that you use.

 However, the electronic cigarette has been around for several years now, and though I’m sure it would be a stretch to call it a ‘healthy cigarette’, to date there have been no reports of major issues from using them, and many people are choosing these alternatives to smoking because of the convenience of being able to ‘light up in places where smoking is no longer allowed.

It has been widely known for many years that smoking cigarettes has been the cause of cancer and other deadly diseases amongst smokers and non-smokers alike – there are more than 400,000 smoking-related deaths in the US each year – but in spite of that fact, it is still very hard for many people to stop smoking.

Now, with the electronic cigarette, there is an alternative to smoking that can still give people a very similar experience to smoking cigarettes but without the chemicals and toxins inherent in tobacco cigarettes that make them so deadly – perhaps even making it much easier to quit smoking forever.

And since the only ‘smoke’ that is emitted from the electronic cigarette is actually a harmless, water-based vapor, the fear of second-hand smoke by non-smokers is eliminated. People can ‘light up’ by simply charging their cigarette and then take it away to their heart’s content.

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