Use Free Web-Based Service To Send And Receive Private Message

Private message sharing is one of the most popular activities on the internet. People send and receive messages and information daily for private or formal purposes. Sending messages in this age is incredibly easy, but instant messaging apps and social media platforms can’t always be trusted with sensitive user information sharing. For sharing sensitive and confidential information, one has to be sure to use a platform that does not cause a threat to the safety and privacy of the users. A private message should be kept private and away from unwanted users online. Using a private platform can help users keep their information sharing between the senders and receivers. 

Share Private Messages Online

Online platforms that allow users to share private messages and information make sure to self-destruct the messages once they have been received and read by the recipient. These messages are accessed through the hyperlink that works only once and disappears as soon as the receiver reads them. This way, no other person can read the messages that are private and confidential. There is no accountability of the website or platform when it comes to copying and pasting the notes or messages or taking the screenshots. What the recipient does with these messages and notes is the sole responsibility of the recipient. Private will, however, prevent unwanted users from reading the message afterward. 

Some people are concerned that the messages and information sent via the platform can be read via recently closed tabs and history in the browser, but this is not possible. All the shared messages and information the notes carry will self-destruct once they have been opened and read. It is not possible for the recipient to re-read the message after it has been read once. If they wish to re-read the message or the information, they will need a new hyperlink and message. This platform best shares sensitive information such as passwords and account details. 

Easy management of the private messages

The private platform is designed to give users the utmost convenience and comfort while sharing messages and information through notes. This is why the website gives them plenty of time to read the messages. The unread notes and messages are stored in the servers for thirty days, and after thirty days, all the unread notes are permanently deleted from the servers. This is to ensure the users’ safety and the platform’s smooth running. 

Some users that use the private platform can wrongfully or unintentionally send messages and notes to the wrong person or wish to unsend the message after it is sent. In such a case, they can undo this by pasting the link in the browser’s URL. The note shall be displayed on the sender’s screen, and the link will expire. When the original recipient of the link attempts to open it, they will find that the message has already been read, and they will be unable to see it. 

All the senders of the notes will also be able to check if their message has been rea or not. Privnote shall send an electronic mail to the sender’s email address about the time the note has been read.

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