Use A Virtual Mailbox With Your Registered Agent Service For These 7 Reasons!

You may simply handle all of your personal, commercials, and legal correspondence in one location if you use a virtual mailbox in conjunction with your registered agent service. There are several reasons why combining the two into a single service provider is a good idea.

What Is A Virtual Mailbox, And How Does It Work?

For receiving personal or business mail, a virtual mailbox service provides a permanent commercial business address. The unopened envelopes are scanned after the mail is received, allowing you to see your mail online whenever you want. Then you choose whether the letter should be opened and scanned, forwarded, or discarded. You can read and handle your postal mail from anywhere globally and on any device with a virtual mailbox.

The Benefits Of Using A Virtual Mailbox And A Registered Agent Service Together!

You can have us act as your agent for the process and receive legal documents for your company if you use our services. Combining your registered agent service with a virtual mailbox will provide you with a full business mail solution that includes the following advantages.

  • Services Of A Free Registered Agent

Virtual postscanmail serve as your company’s registered agent, receiving legal paperwork on your behalf. For a complete business mail solution, combine Virtual Post Mail’s Registered Agent Service with a virtual mailbox. Virtual Post Mail Registered Agent Service is provided at no additional cost. When compared to employing a professional registered agent service, you’ll save over $100 per year. Every state where we have a presence offers Virtual Post Mail Registered Agent Service. You don’t have to pay more to utilize Virtual Post Mail as a registered agent for several firms.

  • Personal Space

For business correspondence, many small business owners utilize their home addresses. Because a registered agent’s name and address are publicly visible and searchable online, this compromises their privacy. This implies that if you are the registered agent for your company and name your home address as the registered agent’s office, your personal contact information will appear on public records, and process servers will send notices to your home. By being the one listed on the Secretary of State’s website and other publicly available data, Virtual postscanmail Registered Agent Service safeguards your privacy.

  • Safety And Security

With Virtual Post Mail, you can rest confident that all of your legal and personal documents are kept in the safest possible environment. Unlike other mail services, the mail is carried straight from a courier to our operations center, removing any intermediary who could raise the risk of loss, damage, or theft. Each piece of mail is then marked and stored safely at one of our postal centers. Every interaction is tracked and audited. To secure your personal information, all destroyed mail is shredded. Furthermore, Virtual Post Mail is a registered Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) with the USPS, allowing us to process and manage mail on your behalf. 

Bank-level SSL encryption is used to encrypt all sensitive data going to and from our servers. That’s a lot of email security! Additionally, your mail is protected by 24-hour surveillance monitoring with security alarm and camera systems and is only available to a small number of employees.

  • Package Delivery

Virtual Post Mail enables you to send packages to any location in the world quickly and affordably. The shipping label on each box will be digitized for internet viewing. Manage your parcels online in the same way you manage your mail. It’s that simple.

  • You Will Save Time.

For a complete business mail solution, combine a virtual mailbox with Virtual Post Mail’s Registered Agent Service. When it comes to snail mail and package delivery, streamline the process and automate administrative procedures. Each postal envelope that comes in is scanned and instantly posted to your virtual mailbox by Virtual Post Mail. You can also have all of your company’s mail and documents digitized. You’ll save time because you won’t have to scan documents yourself. In addition, avoid the time and effort of opening and sorting mail.

Using OCR technology, you can quickly and efficiently search through PDF scans. Digital mail documents can be saved for future reference or tax purposes. You’ll never have to comb through years of paper to find what you’re looking for.

  • Same-Day Access To Documents Served

On the same day that legal documents are served, they are scanned and made available online. These real-time notifications can help you save time by allowing you to speak with legal advice and respond quickly. Virtual Post Mail sends you real-time notices of arriving lawsuit files by scanning and emailing the documents as soon as they arrive. The physical paper documents would then be transferred to your virtual mailbox, where you may have them forwarded if desired. Legal documents are sent to you in this manner.

  • Place Of Business

Startups without a physical presence, required for an LLC or corporation, can benefit from a business address. Our locations provide a discreet and secure commercial business address. Many entrepreneurs send business correspondence from their home addresses, compromising their privacy. Why would you want a registered agent service that includes an address? There are two primary reasons why you would wish to employ a registered agent service with an address. First, to demonstrate that the company is run from that location. Second, to receive all postal mail, you should have a permanent business address. Virtual Post Mail is the best answer for you, as it gives you a permanent commercial business address to receive mail.


You will save money with our free registered agent services, safeguard your privacy, and have a commercial street address to utilize for business communication if you combine a virtual postscanmail with your Registered Agent Service. Furthermore, you will only have to deal with one service provider for all of your business mail and corporate compliance requirements.

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