Thigh Routines for Bodybuilding

The thighs respond well to lifting with both light and heavy weights (except the isolation exercises for the thighs don’t respond well to using heavy weights for low reps). They are also the largest muscle group in the human body and for this reason, should not be neglected.

Stimulating large muscle groups is essential due to the fact that engaging in weight training in general releases various chemicals in the brain and body, including natural growth hormones, which provide a wide range of health and bodybuilding benefits. And since the quads are the largest muscle group in the body, working them out releases a larger quantity of these chemicals than exercising any other muscle group.

This means that an efficient thigh workout will indirectly affect the size of the rest of your body. So do not ever neglect yourself again as doing so will make your entire physique suffer. If you must absolutely neglect a muscle group, make it the biceps or triceps which already receive much stimulation through training the back, chest, and shoulders, additionally, you can add boosters like Testoprime to your diet in order to improve the results that you get with your workout.

Squats are the main mass builder and overall most significant exercise for the quads since they allow you to lift with the heaviest amount of weight. When you squat, make sure to keep your lower back as straight as you can. Doing so isolates the quads and takes much of the resistance off your hamstrings and glutes which are virtually impossible to completely dis-involve during squats. Also, do not put any pressure on your knees while you squat. Squats are not a knee exercise, so make sure to put all of the pressure on your legs.

To further isolate the thighs hold a narrow stance with your feet and keep your toes pointed forward rather than outward. Using a wide stance and pointing your toes outward would put more concentration on your hamstrings and glutes, which is something you can always do if your goal is to stimulate those body parts, but not for your thigh routine. For each repetition go down to about a 90-degree angle or maybe just a little bit further down. Also for leg presses, make sure to plant your feet toward the bottom of the platform to isolate the thighs.

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