These Products Are Fattening The Most

The fact is undeniable that some products are fattening more than others. It is related to the impact of the ingredients contained in the activity of hormones responsible for stockpiling and for the functioning of the mechanisms that control appetite. In this tutorial, I would like to present a list of the most dangerous foods for the body, and in order to counter the effect of these food items, you can use the best test boosters that are there on the market.


There have not been, and probably never will be more fattening foods than sweets. Most products of this type are simply a combination of simple sugars such as sucrose, refined and hardened fats often also contain harmful trans. Add to that the almost total lack of vitamins and minerals (except sodium), and you have the recipe for how to bring the downfall of metabolic consistently causing fat gain. Of course, sweets can be divided into the better and the more harmful. The first group no doubt we include for example dark chocolate, possibly some ice cream and cakes cereal with whole-wheat flour, the second – in fact all the rest. Candy problem is not only that they are high-calorie, but also that in the case of ” appetite grows to eat” . So they are high-risk products, because if we happen to not be tempted, then we eat them more than we had expected that the consummate …

Denmark fast-food

Some time ago, the world became sensational news saying that he lost 17kg American teacher living on only in the cafeteria. This information is intriguing, but is it proof that the type of food is french fries and cola slim? Or at least – not fattening? But no. In 99.9% of cases were tucking into this type of food leads to a rapid increase in body fat. The mechanism is analogous to the one described in the previous paragraph. Of course, you can lose weight by eating only at McDonald’s , as you can lose weight by eating only sugar from the sugar bowl , but it is rather a circus trick than the optimal way to improve body aesthetics . Denmark fast-food restaurants are designed in such a way that , as is the case with sweets, ” the appetite grew with eating .” As a result stołując in the fast food we eat more than we should , clogging up the product -rich and stimulating ingredients stockpiling acids.

Instant ready meals

Simply heat or just add water and voila! Dinner is ready . In this way, eats more and more Poles . Frozen pizzas from the supermarket , dumplings with nylon bag , tripe from the jar – the names of the dishes often fall out of my mouth clients who come to me in a size XXXL . Finished products instant is de facto properly seasoned sweets . Just some simple sugars , which give a sweet taste , is replaced by purified starch. Just look at the lineup. Regardless of the type of the list of food items begins with : water , wheat flour , vegetable fat, and after a while are : glucose-fructose syrup , salt, taste and flavor enhancer , preservative . Products of this type are an absolute masterpiece when it comes to a combination of high energy with low nutritional value . Tucking them hard at all to be called nutrition . It is the clogging of empty calories , which can cause the one hand, to selectively malnutrition , from the second to excessive weight gain …

Sweetened drinks and fruit juices

The biggest problem with sweetened beverages lies in the fact that hardly anyone draws attention to the hidden calories in them . Similarly, with the rest of the situation of fruit juices , which are often seen as a healthy part of the diet , equivalent to a serving of vegetables and fruits ( in accordance with the contents of the unfortunate media campaign ) . The sugar concentration in the fluids of this type usually ranges about 8 to 12% , this means that in 250 ml of fruit juice may be as low as 30 g of sugar , exactly 7 – 8 teaspoons ! I will mention here that some people sometimes drink two liters of this type of beverages throughout the day , giving – attention – a full cup of sugar . Scientific studies show that the mere elimination of diet soft drinks , without any other changes in the selection of qualitative and quantitative foods can lead to a significant reduction in body weight

Sweet dairy

I know about so many people who loved fruit yogurt spoken out many times in the pages of I can not imagine, however, that I could skip this type of food to create a ranking of the most fattening foods. Fruit yogurts, and fruit buttermilk, sweet cream cheese, and, of course, recommended for children sugary dairy products are just candy. Just look at the label on the nutritional value and composition, and exactly on the sugar content, which often exceeds 15%. A glass of fruit yogurt is about 35 – 40g of carbohydrates ( 8 – 10 teaspoons ), mainly in the form of sucrose and, to some extent – lactose. Regular consumption of this type of food is certainly not good for the body.

Muesli, granola, and cereals for children

How so? Muesli and granola in such a statement? After all, a healthy and valuable food? I am well aware that breakfast products are advertised as an excellent way to do it to start the day healthy. The problem is that the truth of this statement is at least questionable. Wynalazki type of muesli, granola, or cereal for children differ from sweets only vitamins and higher in fiber. And now the question arises whether we start witaminizować table sugar and sleeping to the bran is after pouring milk becomes a ” healthy and valuable food “? Unfortunately, the list of ingredients for breakfast is most of the articles you will find cleaned cereals, sugar, glucose, fructose, and glucose-fructose syrup. candied fruits, barley malt, and sometimes hydrogenated vegetable fat. It is not desirable ingredients healthy meal. Let’s face it honestly: gorging inventions such as muesli or granola easily contracted the extra pounds …


Candy dishes, fast food, sweetened drinks, juices, breakfast, sweetened dairy products, all these products have one thing in common – they increase the risk of excessive growth of body weight. Of course, the mere fact of their consumption does not necessarily lead to a deterioration in the composition figure, however, is an important risk factor. But the worst is that all these products have a certain weakness and willingly when we reach there, especially when we do not have the time or inclination to prepare and consumption more valuable meals. It is to eat consciously, inspect the labels carefully and always be aware of the potential consequences of improper food choices.

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