Supplements For Strength Training – Know about them

Strength training stresses your muscles so they can grow larger and stronger. Nutrition plays an important role in recovery by giving your body the materials in needs for energy and growth. Even when you are eating all the right foods however, you still may be missing key nutrients. Supplements will help fill any gaps in your nutrition plan. If you’re not augmenting your diet with supplements, you may be cheating yourself out of significant gains.

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A high protein intake is essential for progress on a strength training program. Large amounts of protein are needed to build and repair muscle tissue following training. Protein supplements help you get all the protein you need easily, without taking in more fat or calories than you need. Protein supplements are derived from many sources, including whey, casein (milk protein), beef and egg. Post workout, when your muscles are fatigued and need nutrition as soon as possible, whey is the best choice because it digests quickly. Casein is optimal before bed because it digests slowly and provides nutrition long into the night.


Creatine was introduced into the supplement market in the early 1990s, and has since become one of the most popular supplements available. Creatine is prized for its ability to noticeably increase muscle size and strength, sometimes in just a week’s use. Creatine supplementation works because of the role creatine plays in anaerobic metabolism. At the cellular level, creatine is used to regenerate energy for muscle contraction. The more creatine present in a muscle, the more short-term endurance the muscle has for activities such as resistance training. According to the American Council on Exercise, no known side effects exist for creatine.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is very high in essential fatty acids (EFAs), and has many fitness benefits. Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help eliminate sore joints due to heavy training. According to Charles Polquin, noted strength-training expert, fish oil improves insulin sensitivity which can help maximize post workout nutrition. Fish oil is available in either capsule or liquid form, with liquid being more economical. Although the taste of most fish oil supplements isn’t strong, those sensitive to the taste of fish should use capsules. When choosing a fish oil, stick to brands that package their oil in dark bottles because light degrades fish oil.

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