Spider Vein Treatment At A Glance

Keeping healthy is the key to a long life. It ensures that an individual stays away from diseases and all other problems for as long as possible. Besides, it also increases the strength in the body to fight all the bacteria and viruses and strengthens the immune system. There is a huge variety of problems and issues that individuals worldwide face, and for that, there are specialized doctors who treat people and ensure that they are cured and provided with the required medications on time. Every condition is treated differently, and the time to heal also varies depending on the body type. Spider veins are a common problem that can be faced by both youngsters and adults and require proper treatment that a specialized doctor supervises. Since every country and locality has its set of doctors, people need to know about them. Similarly, it is essential to know about the Best Vein Doctor in Clifton for people who live in and around the area. 

What are spider veins?

These are small yet damaged veins that look like webs, thin lines, or branches in blue, red, or sometimes purple color and usually appear on the surface of both face and legs. They are usually not harmful, but many people get them treated for cosmetic purposes. This condition is also referred to as thread veins and consists of many treatments that can be done to treat the same. The Best Vein Doctor in Clifton carefully examines all the symptoms, after which the team concludes and moves forward with the right treatment that an individual might require to get rid of the problems in the long run. They also suggest and provide proper tips to prevent this situation at a starting stage and ensure that the symptoms do not come again. 

How is it caused?

Spider veins are caused due to the following reasons:

  • If it is in heredity
  • If there is a history of obesity
  • Excessive use of birth control pills
  • If there is a history of blood clots
  • All the occupations that involve excessive activity like standing or staying put at the same place 
  • Hormonal influences on the body like pregnancy, menopause, and puberty
  • Replacement in hormones post menopause 
  • All the conditions that cause pressure on the abdomen, including tumours, constipation, and even garments like girdles 

The Best Vein Doctor closely examines every situation in Clifton, and the patients are advised with the right treatment after that.

What are the treatment options available?

Some of the major types of treatment available and advised to people for spider veins by the Best Vein Doctor in Clifton are:

  1. Compression stockings: it is regarded as the most conservative approach and requires wearing a proper fitting support hose that can cause provides comfort and reduce the pain in the veins. Besides, this method also creates a gentle pressure in the legs and keeps the blood flowing from veins to other parts of the body that also helps in the reduction of swelling. These stockings are available at all surgical supply stores and pharmacies and come at different lengths, mainly the ones that are below the knee above the knee or even styles like pantyhose.
  2. Bringing changes to the lifestyle: practicing a lot of things like good skin hygiene, losing weight, walking, etc., also helps treat spider veins. Other factors like avoiding heels for long periods and switching to shoes reduce the calf muscles’ pain and allow the blood to flow smoothly. Also, it is good not to cross the legs from ankles or knees. Doing physical activities can benefit the legs and effectively improve muscle tones. 
  3. Sclerotherapy: this includes the use of concentrated saline that is made from a detergent and is then injected via needle pricks into the veins. It is an effective procedure that eliminates all the pain and discomfort by preventing all the complications like bleeding in vain and ulcers. Most people use it to improve their appearance as the chemical penetrates inside the vein, collapses it, and allows these small veins to disappear within 3-6 weeks while the larger veins disappear within 6 months at last. 
  4. Endovenous laser ablation: it is a procedure where small fibers are directly inserted into the vein where a cut is made near a vein and put in a catheter where the tip of the catheter is heated inside a vessel, and the pulse of laser light is delivered inside the vein that allows them to collapse eventually. This therapy is safe and free of all complications as well as does not have many invasions, and local anesthesia is given before the treatment as an outpatient. 
  5. Radiofrequency occlusion: in this procedure, a small catheter is injected into the veins, where radiofrequency energy waves are transmitted to the veins that allow it to collapse and shut the seal. Besides, it is done in an outpatient setting once local anesthesia is given to the patient.
  6. Laser and pulsed light: intense treatments for pulse light as well as surface laser lights use heat energy and damage all the abnormal views. This treatment does not require needles or any sclerosing solution that has side effects or causes blisters and stains in the body.

Cost of the treatment

The cost of treatment from the Best Vein Doctor in Clifton starts from an average cost of $413 and may exceed depending on the intensity of the treatment. The expense is not covered in any insurance and is to be done by the patient at their expense. The minimum cost of the treatment is exclusive of all the local anesthesia and facilities offered in the operating room, and the final amount is calculated by the surgeon once the process is completed and the individual is ready to go home. Individuals can ask for all their queries or other related procedures and begin their treatment as soon as possible because it is necessary and requires strict action in some cases. 

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