Other Uses Of Synthetic Urine

The most common use of synthetic urine is for cheating drug tests. Synthetic urine companies that design sophisticated artificial urine kits that aim to pass drug tests without triggering suspicions. With that said synthetic urine’s only use is not limited to passing a drug test while using recreational drugs. Other people have devices other ways to use artificial urine that does not involve duping drug tests. Listed below are some of the additional uses that you can get from a synthetic urine kit. On the other hand, if you want to read content similar to this article, you can visit Mercurynews for more. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Wildlife usage

There are gardeners that use synthetic urine once in a to scare unwanted pests and various animals away from their farms. Additionally, it may be utilized to cover up fragrances from items that you want to hide from pests and other animals. It can also be used as a lure for animals. Hunters as well as wildlife photographers are known for using synthetic urine to lure animals to them, allowing them to hunt those animals or take close up photos. 

  1. Pranking

This is not a very mature application of synthetic urine, but a lot of people do it. You would be amazed how devoted individuals are to their practical pranks. The people that are getting pranked will not appreciate actual urine, especially if it involves getting them wet with so why not use artificial urine for that purpose?

  1. Medical school

Synthetic urine is also used on a regular basis by medical students that are currently pursuing their education. Medical students learn the way to perform lab tests and other basic procedures involving urine using artificial urine at first. After they become familiar with synthetic urine, only then would they study using actual urine.

  1. Marketing strategy

There are salesmen or marketing departments that allow the use of synthetic urine for advertising cleaning products, especially those that are used in comfort rooms. This might be gross, but this provides the customer with a good insight into how good their products are. Additionally, it will be not that gross as long as the presentation itself is decent.

There are even TV commercials that use synthetic urine for their shoots to show the potency of their cleaning products since they are not going to film with actual urine on set.

  1. Research purposes

 A great deal of studies and research is being carried out through the use of fake urine. This may seem absurd, but you’ll be surprised at the way science works. They are used in studies of scents, animal behavior, and other things that involve urine without using actual urine.

  1. Calibration of drug testing equipment

Drug test equipment mainly uses synthetic urine for calibrating their equipment used for testing. After all, no one is going to volunteer to pee in the machine to calibrate it every time it requires calibration or adjustment.

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