Leaf Blower Maintenance Tips For You

As the autumn season is arriving very soon, it is time that the plan start together with their leaves and

Use the right fuel

most leaf blowers use a mixture of unleaded gas and two-stroke oil. Before you start the leaf blower, carefully check the fuel required in your operating instructions. Different leaf blowers can have separate fuel requirements which makes it a very crucial task to learn about what fuel your leaf blower requires in order to function. Using the wrong fuel can not only be ineffective but also lead to a very dangerous scenario as well. You have to consult with the manufacturer about the kind of fuel the leaf blower needs. Here are the few best battery-powered leaf blowers 2020 tips listed in the article

Use the lowest power setting

running a leaf blower at full throttle causes a lot of wear and tear. Start at the lowest power level and work your way up from there. Majority of the time people need much less energy than they think. Too much power can also mess up with the entire lawn and produce an unnecessary gush of wind that fiddles with the heap of leaves that you just collected at the corner. Using the highest settings can also consume more fuel and energy which increases your bills. So, it is always a nice idea to keep the power down.

Stay away from obstacles

most of the leaf blowers found in the market are made of plastic. The ones which have metal frames are very expensive and are not made for small to medium sized lawns. That is the reason why you should stay away from any obstacles and prevent crashing the leaf blower against any of them. Most leaf blowers have plastic parts that can easily crack. So, do your best to avoid hitting anything with the blower. A small crack can cause the whole equipment to malfunction.

Check the filter regularly

the filter must be free of dirt and in good condition. If they are very dirty, clean them with warm soapy water. If it is worn or old, throw it away and buy a replacement filter. Store in a dry and safe place

Leaf blowers should be stored in a well-ventilated area, away from hazardous chemicals or anything that could burn gasoline. Old and very filters can increase the risk of an engine failure or cause the equipment to heat up very quickly. Thus, leading to a very serious situation that can pose significant harm to you.

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