Kratom- Right Prospects for Consumption

Where do you begin with a diverse topic like drug and substance abuse because of its controversial nature which is only to be expected for obvious reasons but this article is nothing of the sort because people need to learn more about Kratom, an underrated drug like many.

When you talk about misunderstood drugs, Cannabidiol or CBD oil is one that instantly comes to mind that has also elicited mixed reactions from the general public just because it is taken from cannabis extracts while those that know a little about them know their worth.

Coming back to the topic, Kratom too comes from coffee extracts as the tree is grown in Southeast Asia, which is why the region is renowned for its coffee but very few people are aware that it is used as a herbal medicine way back since the 19th century.

Human Use

Kratom, quite similar to CBD oil, is classified as a drug with medicinal properties that many people have a misconception regarding its authenticity and therefore hesitate to try it out and their fears are not entirely unfounded because it is well known to give its consumers a mild high.

Another similarity it shares with CBD products is that it is known for treating both physical and mental ailments for regular consumers, which is natural for various drugs with medicinal properties.

Mitragyna Speciosa is the scientific name for Kratom and its leaf extracts are used as a sedative on patients grappling with chronic ailments especially joint pain that elderly folks suffer from.

It is also an excellent remedy for digestion as regular users have been found to be relieved of gastronomical issues caused due to indigestion that also leads to weight gain but much more important than that is that it has been found to reduce opium addiction.

There was a recent report in Denver post regarding the legalization of Kratom in Thailand where people have started using it in large numbers for dealing with various ailments.

However, it isn’t necessary to take a new dose every time as a small one is enough for creating stimulant effects within 10 minutes upon taking it and its effects can last up to 12 hours.

The mind becomes more alert and focused so people that are going about their daily lifestyle can find it changing for the better after taking a dose of Kratom although there is a minor side effect of headache and dizziness during the initial stages.

Negative Points

There are additional side effects like loss of appetite, weight loss, insomnia, constipation, loss of color in cheeks because just like any other drug, an overdose can be drastic to handle.

All in all, it is ok if you consume Kratom at a low dose as you are alert and sociable most of the times while excessive consumption can lead to euphoria, recklessness and dangerous overconfidence.

At the end of the day, it is entirely your call but it is better to consult a renowned medical expert so that your body is deemed perfect for taking Kratom.

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