Know Everything About The Noth Gaia EC Residential Development

There are many upcoming developments in Singapore. These developments are mainly executive condominiums. North Gaia EC is an executive development likely to launch in 2022. It is considered the first and new executive EC development in Singapore. This condominium has been developed for six years in Yishun, Singapore. A local builder is building this executive condo. This local developer is Sing Holdings Limited. This building is located near Avenue 8 and 9 of Yishun. 

Location of North Gaia EC

This residential development is located right in the township of Yishun. Initially, this township was remote from Singapore. However, with so many new developments around this area, Yishun township is not remote anymore. This executive condominium covers a total area of about 231,575 sq ft. Located right at the edge of Yishun township, North Gaia is also pretty close to MRT station. It is a very new construction site that will be completed by the beginning of 2022. 

A family-oriented town 

North Gaia EC is considered to be a family-oriented project. This town offers a more comprehensive list of amenities. People of all ages can enjoy these amenities. This executive condominium should be reinvigorated with hawk centers, new malls, and even cyclic paths in the coming 5 years. This project has a more enhanced transport infrastructure that improves connectivity for its residents. The facilities in this township are quite comprehensive. These facilities more or less meet all the requirements of the current and future residents. 

Nearby attractions & facilities 

There are plenty of facilities and attractions near this township. These nearby attractions enhance the appearance of the locality. Some of these attractions include: 

  •     Junction Nine

This shopping mall is in the same neighborhood as North Gaia. This shopping mall is pretty close to North Gaia, Yishun Ring Road, and Yishun Avenue 9. It has two levels and offers many amenities, including free Wifi service. This mall includes many popular stores where residents can shop freely. There are supermarkets and food courts in this shopping mall as well. It would not take residents of North Gaia more than 7 minutes to reach this mall. 

  •     Khatib Bongsu Nature Park

This nature park is right next to North Gaia EC. This nature park is full of mangroves. Proper conservation has been done in this area to turn it into this nature park. It will be completed by 2024. This is going to be one of those recreational projects that are expanding. Current and future residents can walk to this nature park and appreciate each wildlife habitat. 

Interesting lifestyle amenities

There are pretty advanced upgraders around this neighborhood. These upgrades and amenities make this township area of Singapore habitable. North Gaia EC is quite close to the MRT station with many good schools nearby. The availability of plenty of schools in the neighborhood makes this township appealing. It also stands out because of the availability of community clubs, regional libraries, community hospitals, general hospitals, and others. These amenities are as close as 1 Km from this residential project. Families enjoy each amenity available in this neighborhood.

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