How To Lose Belly Fat Quick

If you’re looking to tone up for the summer or are unhappy with the way you look due to excess fat on your stomach, then it’s something that can be done relatively quickly, with a little hard work and determination from you.

There’s no way to lose fat off your belly and gain a flat stomach in a very short period of time if you’re overweight. If you’re pretty trim then it can be achieved in a week or so using the best weight loss shakes but if you’re overweight, this just isn’t possible; however, you can lose the weight, trim done and tone your tummy in the space of a few weeks to months, depending on how much weight you need to lose.

First of all, though, you need to be realistic; there is no product or diet that can make you safely lose weight very quickly without some input from you. Crash diets are downright dangerous to your health and should be avoided at all costs, whilst supplements are useful additions to a diet, but not for use alone.

Starving yourself won’t help either, although this is what many of the fad diets basically ask you to do. Your body needs nutrients from every food group, even fats, and if it doesn’t get them it will very quickly make sure that it lets you know about it and you will become ill.

In order to lose weight quickly, from the stomach or anywhere else on the body, it’s first important to choose an exercise regime that includes a cardiovascular workout. This is because cardio work is the only kind of exercise that actually burns off the fat stored in your body.

This can be anything from running to aerobics to a session at the gym, but it’s an essential ingredient to success. Next, you need to look at your diet and take the following steps:

Cut down on your calorie intake by 600 less than the RDA of 2000 for women and 2500 for men. This ensures that when you’re exercising, the body burns off fat stores.

Throw out the junk, snack, and processed foods and eat a healthy balanced diet. Little and often is preferable to large meals as it gives the body a chance to burn it off.

  • Drink water

most people consume 450 calories a day and don’t even realize it as they don’t know that soft drinks and juices contain a lot of sugar. Drink green tea if you want something different as this is a super-healthy antioxidant that will help give the metabolism a boost.

  • Be active after meals

this is necessary to burn off what you have consumed, especially in the evenings. Try not to eat for at least three and a half hours before going to bed or your body will store excess energy as fat.

Once you have all of this in place, introduce stomach exercises into the mix by doing crunches or getting a gym ball which will allow you to exercise your abdominal muscles at home as often as you like.

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