How To Burn Fat Find The Right Body Fat Burning Program

If you understand how to burn fat, you are well on your way to successful weight loss. Fat accumulates when we consume more calories than we can burn. The excess, which the body does not need, is converted to fat and stored in the body. Some parts of the body are quicker to store fat; the stomach area, for example, is the first place where excess fat will be stored. That is why the first thing you see when you start to gain weight is belly fat.

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There are plenty of fat burning programs that tell you how to burn fat, but how can you tell that you have picked the right one? The only way to tell is to see whether it does the following:


A fat burning program has to be intense. There is a misguided notion about what they call a fat burning zone. It doesn’t work that way. If you walk, for example, you will be burning less fat than if you run. The same with weight training, the heavier weights you can lift, the more fat you can burn.


You will only burn fat if you go at it regularly with exercise and involve your whole body. There is no single activity that will help you burn all your fat; you have to do intense exercise that is varied and you have to do it regularly enough if you want to keep fat at bay.


Exercise may get you a six pack and abs but not if you don’t eat the right diet. It is not so much a question of how much you eat but what you eat and how hard you have to work to burn it off. A double cheese burger and fries is harder to burn than a slice of lean beef accompanied by vegetables and a healthy juice. A good fat burning program will outline a healthy diet for you and will provide recipes that will give you variation. It is up to you to discipline yourself and start eating better.


Exercise is no good if you cannot sustain it. Running on the treadmill is great but not if you can only do it for 5 minutes. You need to be able to get in reps of maybe 5 minutes 5 or 10 times for it to have any effect on your body. If you are looking for more than just to burn fat, like abs and a six pack, you will need to go for even longer. Sustainability is achieved by gently increasing how long you do an activity. If you started off able to sustain for 3 minutes, you should try for five and then 7 and then 10, on and on and you will find that you can sustain an exercise for longer.


Working with exercises that require weight other than your own body weight burns more fat. Any programs that are any good at how to burn fat have a section that requires you to work with weights so that you can burn more fat. Even just a tennis racquet will work, it is a weight outside of your own and for each movement, you move a set of muscles harder than if you didn’t have the racquet.

Eating enough

It is true that if you eat less your body will break down existing fat to cater for your energy needs, but this is not the way to do it. It means that you will be working out on an empty stomach, which is not just uncomfortable but will also slow you down. What you should do is eat healthier foods than before to keep your energy up. If a program recommends that you eat less, don’t use it.


For many people, exercise is something that they have to do, not something they enjoy doing, and this takes the fun out of it. If you can find an exercise regimen that you enjoy, that will make it easier for you to work out. If you feel you need company, for example, you can try working out at the gym or you can get a personal trainer in. If your fun exercise is a game, do it but with higher intensity and for longer.

Lastly, don’t expect to lose fat in a week or two, it takes most people a few months at the very least.

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