How A Person Can Plan To Purchase The High Quality Of The Bong Rip?

A good bong rip is essential to a great session. But how do you take the perfect bong rip? It’s not always easy, especially if you’re new to smoking marijuana. In this article we’ll give you five tips for taking the perfect bong rip. 

1) How Do You Know When Your Bong Is Ready For A Good Rip? 

The first thing that you need to know is when your bong is ready for a good rip. There are two ways of getting the information you need. First, you can just look at it. You can use your eyes, ears and nose to get an idea about the readiness of your bong. Second, you can listen for any sounds coming from inside the bong. 

You should be able to hear air passing through the water chamber in your bong as well as any rattling noise when the ice hits the water. This tells you whether your bong is ready or not. If it doesn’t make these noises then you will need to wait until it does before trying to take a good rip. 

2) How Long Should You Wait Before Taking A Good Rip? 

If you’ve ever smoked weed, you’ll probably have noticed that there is no set time period for waiting before taking a good rip. It’s all down to personal preference. Some people like to wait longer than others. Some want to start their bong rips immediately while others prefer to wait a little longer. 

However long you choose to wait depends on several factors. As mentioned earlier, the amount of time you have available to smoke a bowl is one factor you should consider. Another important consideration is the type of weed you are using. The more potent the weed, the faster you’ll want to get your bong rip underway. 

3) What Are The Best Bong Rips? 

It might seem strange that there could be such a thing as the best way to take a bong rip but it turns out there actually is! While most bong rippers agree that the best way to take a bong rip is to hit the water with your hand and then inhale the smoke, some say that this isn’t necessarily the best method. 

Some people claim that they feel a much better effect when they take a bong rip by holding the mouthpiece between their teeth and sucking the smoke into their lungs straight away. So which method is right? Well, it comes down to personal preference really. Both methods work fine but neither is better than the other. 

4) What Happens If You Try And Smoke Your Bong Too Soon? 

So what happens if you try to take a bong rip before it’s been properly prepared? Well, it could end up being a bad experience because you may find that your bong is too hot or cold. If your bong is too cold, then you’ll get uncomfortable after just a few draws and if it’s too hot then you won’t get anything from the smoke so it’s not worth taking. 

Therefore, it’s very important to follow the steps outlined above, otherwise you could end up wasting a lot of weed. 

5) What Happens If You Drink Water With Your Weed? 

There are lots of myths surrounding mixing alcohol or water with your bud. One of them is that drinking water helps you to absorb more THC in your body. Others claim that it helps your body to relax. However, there are other claims saying that it actually makes you feel less high. 

In reality, it seems that both views are correct. Drinking water may help you to absorb more of the active ingredients in your pot but it also may reduce your overall buzz. 

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Some people think that drinking water with your weed is a waste of resources. After all, you only have so many bowls to smoke in a day and so why not save them for later rather than drink them now? 

But this view ignores the fact that you don’t usually consume a whole bowl of weed in one go. Instead, you’ll typically split the bowl across a number of sessions. Therefore, the idea that you should be saving bowls for later is flawed. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of benefits to having a glass of water with your weed. Not only does it cleanse your palate, it also cools your throat. This means that you can keep smoking for longer without feeling parched. 

So, whether you believe that it’s a waste of weed or not, there is no doubt that drinking a glass of water with your pot has numerous benefits. 

Now that you know all about taking the perfect bong rip, the next step is to learn all you can about choosing the right bong for your needs. You can read our guide on finding the best bong for you here.

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