Help To Lose Weight Focus Fundamentals

Do you think that you need help to lose weight? We often hear of different products or quick fixes to buy, in order to solve our fat loss issues. From metabolism-boosting wonder pills, to stomach crunch contraptions. These products have all been around in similar forms for many years now. Yet obesity rates are still rising, how is this?

Scientists have been working on “wonder drugs” to cure cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle related diseases for decades now. They have achieved very little success. I wonder if we live in a universe where one day we will be able to abuse ourselves with poison, unhealthy food, alcohol, drugs, unsafe sex, cigarettes, and couch potato lifestyles…

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Then simply pop a concoction of “wonder pills” and reverse all the negative effects of our bad choices…

Somehow I doubt it, and I am certainly not holding my breath…

I think that it will be a long time before we ever find a better solution to health and vitality, than simple healthy living…

Need help to lose weight? Help yourself by realizing something fundamental…

We have all seen the gushing reviews by people who have used exercise machines, weight loss pills, potions, shakes, juices and other things and lost weight. Are they lying? Is this all a fraud?

If we think that the latest pills, all-in-one liquid meals or exercise contraptions are the reason that these people lose weight then I think we are confusing correlation with causation.

For example, lets say that you develop the required fat loss mentality, then lose a lot of weight. During this process, the chances are, that you will have been eating better, and taking more exercise. Lets imagine that your choice of exercise involved a new version of a cross training machine for your living room. Now, if after losing the weight you were approached by a marketing executive and offered $20,000 dollars to talk about how you lost weight whilst using the cross trainer, what would you do? What would you say?

The resulting advert wouldn’t be a complete lie, it would be true that you lost the weight, and that you used the device. But was it really the device? Or your fat loss mentality?

The Fat loss mentality has to come first

The products that you use… To help you attain the goal… Are just tools. Tools are of no use without the creator.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. Lets imagine 3 competitive cyclists. We have:

1) Tom, who eats healthily, trains every day, and has the latest high-tech bike. He wears “clip in” shoes, streamlined clothes, helmet, and other performance enhancing equipment.

2) Dick, who has all the fancy equipment, but eats junk food and does little training.

3) Harry, who has an average bike, no fancy equipment, but is always conscious of his diet, and trains with passion and commitment.

Next, imagine a race. What is the finishing order? Probably Tom, then Harry, with Dick WAY BEHIND…. It is also possible that Harry wins with his average bike, cut off jeans and old battered trainers…. But with a burning desire and unstoppable spirit, he powers away from the starting blocks like a man possessed, a bolt of lightning… WHooosh!

Get the idea?

The moral of the story is don’t be (a) Dick! Don’t get all the gadgets, pills and potions then leave them to attract dust…

Looking for tools or edges for help to lose weight? Help yourself!

These fat loss tools should be seen as an edge, (the ones that work of course), not an end in themselves. When you think about getting fit and healthy, and losing weight, it is positive to take action. You might see an advert for some weight loss product, then place an order with your credit card, and feel good about yourself because you have taken action. Then you sit back in front of the TV because it will take a few days for your product to arrive…

In the time it takes to make the order for the product, you could have slipped on some training shoes and gone out for a run, or even just a brisk walk…

So instead of focusing on the “edges”, focus on having a bicycle (fat loss mentality strategy), and a winning spirit (fat loss mentality attitude). Having a fat loss mentality means that you will continue to make many small decisions in every day life that bring you closer to your goals. Every time you take the stairs instead of the elevator; every time you choose to buy fresh vegetables instead of a “ready to microwave” meal; Every time you pass on the potato chips and pick up the raw nuts, you are moving closer to your goals.

Focus on the fat loss strategy, then develop a fat loss attitude. Then use the “edges” in order to make the process easier! If you want help to lose weight, then help yourself… No one else cares as much as you do.

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