Harold Matzner and His Philanthropic Support for the Palm Springs Art Museum

More than just a prominent business figure in the Coachella Valley, Harold Matzner is also an inspiring philanthropist who has significantly contributed to the growth of the region. One of the causes that he stands behind firmly is art, which he has been supporting through his generous donations to the Palm Springs Art Museum. This case study provides more information on Harold and his charitable endeavors for this iconic institution.

Who is Harold Matzner?

Harold Matzner is a successful businessman who co-owns Spencer’s Restaurant, one of Palm Spring’s most famous restaurants. He serves as chairman of San Jacinto Management LLC and is also involved in local charities such as the Desert AIDS Project and the United Way of The Desert. An avid supporter of the arts, Harold has long been associated with cultural institutions such as the McCallum Theatre, College of The Desert Foundation, and others.

How has he supported the Palm Springs Art Museum?

Harold’s involvement with the Palm Springs Art Museum began in 2004 when he was appointed to the Board of Trustees. Over the years, he has been instrumental in helping the museum achieve many milestones, including raising funds for its Expansion Campaign Initiative (ECI). Through the ECI, he donated $2 million to expand and improve the museum’s facilities – making him one of its major benefactors since 2008. In addition to this financial support, he helps to raise awareness of the arts by encouraging people from all walks of life to visit the museum and take part in its various programs.

What are some of his other contributions to the culture and the arts?

In addition to his active involvement with museums such as the Palm Springs Art Museum, Harold has consistently shown his commitment to culture and the arts by generously donating to other organizations in the Coachella Valley area. For example, one of his major contributions has been to help fund the construction of new theatres at the McCallum Theatre, allowing them to host more events and keep up with the growing demand from locals and tourists alike. It’s no wonder that he is considered by many to be an important pillar within our community when it comes to promoting culture throughout our region!

How can we show our support?

Given his immense contribution to culture and the arts over the past few years, we should strive to recognize his efforts by showing our support whenever possible – whether it be by attending events, getting involved in initiatives related to these causes, or simply spreading the word via social media channels, etc., every little gesture counts! We can also help to continue Harold’s legacy by donating what we can to the various cultural organizations working here, as any amount makes a difference!


In conclusion, we must applaud Harold Matzner‚Äôs incredible philanthropic spirit which continues to inspire us all even today – especially when it comes down to preserving art & culture within our beloved city! More info on Harold can be found online if you’re interested in finding out more details about him or his work!

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