Get Started On Your Minecraft Journey With The Following Tips

Minecraft may be a difficult game to play at times. You’ll meet dozens of lethal opponents and countless craftable objects, as well as mechanics that aren’t clearly described in the tutorial. The first things you should perform in Minecraft if you really want to stay alive are listed below in order of importance. Meanwhile, if you are interested in Minecraft Survival Servers, please refer to our other articles about that subject. Without further ado, let’s start:

Create a Crafting Table 

Set the simplest goal for yourself first, which is creating a crafting table. To get a few Woodblocks, you’ll have to strike a tree. Pushing down the left mouse cursor on a PC will allow you to collect wood, or if you are using a console controller you can hold down the right trigger controls. You should be able to pick up the log after around 15 fast strikes with your fist while aiming at a tree. Saplings will also drop from overhanging leaf blocks, which should be replanted. They’ll eventually turn into trees. Apples may be quickly and easily obtained by breaking the leaves of the tree. You’ll want them for the future. For the time being, you may get by with only 16 wood, but should you require more, trees are always accessible.

You may now make Wooden Planks using your freshly obtained log blocks. In your inventory, choose the wood block and drag it into your character’s crafting slots. To choose the wooden planks, just press X on your Xbox controller or left-click your mouse for PC. The option “Wooden Planks” should show in the right-hand box; either click on the wooden planks or press X to transform your wood blocks to planks, which may be used for a broader range of purposes than raw wood. The Wooden Planks can then be crafted into a crafting table. You need four wooden planks in every 4 slots in the crafting menu to get the crafting table. 

Create basic wooden tools

Once you have a crafting table, the next step is to create the necessary tools. You can now build a Wooden Pickaxe thanks to your newly constructed crafting table. You may use these tools to do jobs like mining and farming. In order to begin crafting, go over to the crafting room and place two wooden boards in the vertical position on the crafting table to create sticks. Several wooden planks may be kept on hand to help you make a couple of these sticks. 

Create a T-formation with sticks stacked vertically and wooden blocks arranged on a horizontal position atop the sticks to create a wooden pickaxe. You don’t have to place things in the console version since you can do everything from the menu. 

You can then use the wooden pickaxe to gather stone, which can then be used to craft tools that are stronger than their wooden counterparts. There are other tools that you can create, like an ax, swords, etc.

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