Finding The Right Essentials For Puppies – A Guide To Stock Up On The Right Accessories

Puppies are absolutely adorable, and when you bring one home, it can be hard to resist buying all sorts of cute accessories. But before investing in accessories for your puppy, it’s important to make sure you stock up on the essentials that will help keep your pup healthy and happy. has curated a list of the essential items that every puppy needs.

Food & Treats

One of the most important things you’ll need to stock up on is food and treats for your new puppy. It’s important to choose high-quality foods and treats, as they play an integral role in keeping puppies healthy. Look for options that are specifically formulated for puppies as they contain higher levels of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals needed by growing pups. For treats, look for low-calorie ones that provide additional nutrition such as salmon oil chews or jerky strips infused with probiotics for improved digestion.

Crate & Bedding

A crate is essential for housebreaking puppies and providing them with a safe place to retreat when feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Get one that’s large enough so your dog can stand up and turn around inside comfortably but small enough so he doesn’t have room to eliminate at one end–aim for something in between these two extremes! Place comfy bedding inside the crate along with some toys so your pup can rest comfortably while confined in his space.

Leash & Collar/Harness

You’ll need both a leash and collar/harness once your puppy is ready to go out on walks – start socializing him right away! Choose collars or harnesses made from lightweight material which won’t chafe his skin or cause discomfort during long walks. Make sure the collar fits snugly around his neck without being too tight; similarly, ensure the harness is not too loose nor too tight before going out on walks together. Leashes should be comfortable in your hands yet sturdy enough not to break if pulled upon by an energetic pup!

Toys & Chew Items

Chewing on things is part of a pup’s natural behavior—it helps keep their teeth clean and sharpens their focus (which makes training easier!). Provide plenty of chew items such as hollow bones filled with peanut butter or Kong stuffed toys; this will encourage them to chew on appropriate objects rather than furniture legs or shoe laces! Other toys such as puzzle feeders help offer mental stimulation while tiring them out physically at the same time – a win-win situation!

Grooming Supplies

Grooming supplies are necessary even though many people think they’re only used for aesthetic purposes: grooming tools like brushes help remove dirt from fur while distributing oils throughout the coat evenly; nail clippers are great for maintaining paw hygiene; ear cleaners prevent infections caused by excess wax buildup; etc… All these items will ensure that your pup looks clean and well groomed at all times – even better if he enjoys bath time with special shampoos tailored just for him!

Cleaning Supplies

Last but not least, don’t forget about cleaning supplies like doggy bags (for picking up after him outdoors), stain removers (for those inevitable accidents indoors) wipes (to wipe off any messes quickly), carpet fresheners (for those stubborn odors), etc… Keeping these handy will save you time later on when messes occur since you can take care of them right away instead of having to search through cupboards trying desperately find something suitable!


Having all these essentials stocked up ahead of time ensures that there won’t be any surprises down the line when unexpected issues arise—and trust us, they will come up eventually no matter how careful we try our best to be! With proper planning, however, we can make sure our pups get everything they need while also making life easier on ourselves in the long run – ultimately leading us towards success in caring for our furry friends properly and giving them nothing short of love and happiness!

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