Everything You Need To Know About Knock Knee- Causes, Symptoms, And 5 Exercises To Fix It

Knock knees are the misalignment of the knees. One can analyze it via themselves. All one needs to do is stand straight while keeping their knees together. You’ll notice a gap of 3 or more inches in between the ankles. That is because the knees have de-shaped, meaning they are converging inwards. Yes, you read that right. You now would like to know why? If so, continue reading this guide. 

Some of the reasons that may lead to the knock knee include the following: 

  1. Injury
  2. Arthritis
  3. Injury
  4. Obesity
  5. When you do your exercises with the wrong postures
  6. Deficiency of much-needed nutrients like calcium and vitamin D
  7. When you aren’t walking correctly

Symptoms that you may notice

The most common symptom of the knock knee is the separation of an individual’s ankles when the knees are placed together. Other signs include pain that is often the outcome of gait (the way one walks) adopted via people with knock knees.

The signs may include the following:

  1. Hip or knee pain
  2. Ankle or foot pain
  3. Feet aren’t touching while standing with the knees together
  4. Sore or stiff joints
  5. The limp while walking
  6. Minimized range of motion in one’s buttocks
  7. Knee instability
  8. Difficulty in running or walking
  9. Parents or patients perhaps unhappy with the aesthetics
  10. The growing knee arthritis in grown-up people

Some exercises to treat Knock Knees

That said, let’s now take a look at some of the ways using which it can be treated-

  1. Go for butterfly flutters

It’s the yoga pose, which stretches the knee cap, and some of the other adjacent muscles so that the alignment could be corrected. The more one flutters and brings the knees towards the ground, the nicer the knees’ alignment will become with time.

  1. Try side lunges

This exercise is an amazing way to tone legs, particularly the inner thighs. Other than that, this even helps to align knees to improve their stance and posture. 

  1. Cycling is the way to go.

Who’d have ever thought that a basic exercise such as cycling can assist you in correcting the knock knees? Well, try cycling for at least about 30 min regularly to position the knees better and get it back to normal.

  1. Have you heard of sumo squats?

If one observes, they will figure doing the sumo squats will move their knees outward. It is a movement that will help push a kneecap and some of the muscles back to their original location; that is why this is an exercise that is considered one of the finest when it gets to correcting the knock knees.

  1. Leg raises could be your right bet

One can even go on and try doing seated leg raises. Herein, one can sit pretty straight on a chair; then, from the 90-degree, one can go on to raise them to about 180-degrees.

Or otherwise, you may lie down then go about doing the leg raises. All you need to do is lie down straight, put the palm right under your hip, and lift the legs. The moment they go on to make the 90-degree angle with the upper body, hold it for some seconds and bring them back to their original position.

You can go on to perform it about 20 – 25 times in nearly 3 to 4 sets.

Also, you must know the exercises you’d avoid when you’ve knocked the knees:

  • Aerobics
  • Running

And playing games such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. Anything needs plenty of running. Hopefully, this guide will help you answer your question about how to go about- My Knock Knee Fix.

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