Best Tips For Shy Guys To Help Them To Gain Popularity Among The Girls

Most of the men just take a fraction of second to approach a girl without any thought and at the end they are lucky to have at least one girlfriend. Men who are quick in their actions and seem confident to the women have the higher chances of having a girlfriend than the men who are shy and hesitated. Your shyness and hesitation can deprive you from having a girlfriend as most of the girls are attracted to the confident men. This gives them a feeling of security which makes them feel more protected. Shy guys always wish to grow their confidence level so that they can also have the same kind of popularity as a confident guy has. Many shy guys even put their best effort to approach a girl but at the end they have to face the rejection due to lack of confidence. This rejection can sometimes be an emotional trauma which is hard to battle with. Hence, if you are a shy kind of a guy, then it is better to get the best flirting tips for shy guys so that you do not have to face the rejection.

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Keep your shyness aside while approaching the girl

Shy guys find themselves into a land of troubles and feel as the least fortunate especially when it comes to talking to a woman. They find talking to a woman one of the most difficult tasks in the world. Those men should understand talking to women is not a big deal and just have to know what you want to say and how you are going to say it. If you know these two things then things will be easier for you to approach a girl. You can even randomly pick up the girls.

Here are some of the best flirting tips for guys which they can implement in their life to let the girls change their attitude towards them.

Make your eyes speak your words

For the shy folks it is very common to look at the person with whom they want to communicate but they could not talk due to their shyness. You can do eye flirting and impress her with your eye contact. Eye flirting is a great way to attract someone towards you without saying a single word. Look at her and then look away. Repeat this action several times even if she is not looking at you, after some time she will come to know that you are actually looking her and then with your eyes, you can convey your attraction for her. It is the least harmful flirting tip that you can adopt without any kind of embarrassment.

If the girl complaints you for staring at her then you have the option to say that she is so beautiful that you can’t stop yourself from watching her. Other similar lines can also be used to make her feel that you are attracted to her. If she likes your glance, she will look at you in return and in this case, half of the battle to approach a girl is already won by you. Once you start talking to her, make sure that you should establish a good eye contact with her to make her feel more attracted towards you and in no way she should feel your lack of confidence.

Look charming and fancy

One of the best flirting tips for shy guys is that they should not worry or lose hope as there are plenty of ways by which they can easily approach a girl or make a girl to get attracted towards him. Another way by which shy folks can flirt with her without saying anything is that they should look attractive. It is common for the girls to get attracted towards dashing and charming man. For this, guys are needed to focus on their grooming skills and their way of dressing. It will help them to grab the attention of many girls. In this way, girls will automatically want to approach you for dating.

Mirror practice is the best

You must have heard since your childhood that practice makes a man perfect. You should implement this thought when it comes to approaching the girl. You can practice in front of the mirror for how you are going to interact with the girls. Especially before your meeting, sit before the mirror and practice how you will be going to communicate with her when you meet. You can choose the two or three sweet pick up lines so that you can know from where to ice break your conversation. Although, it is not necessary that everything will get according to your plan so make sure that it should seem as if you have learnt whatever you speak. Be casual in your approach and stay cool while interacting with women.

Take help from the social media

These days, social media has given a great chance to the shy folks to express their emotions without facing anyone. There are lots of social media websites so you can approach her by sending her friend request and communicating with her online. This is considered as one of the best flirting tips for shy guys. You can also take the advantage of the online dating websites to pick up a girl for dating. By texting, you will be able to say better and make her feel attracted towards you. It will help you to gain confidence to talk to the girl. When you feel that she is really attracted towards you or you are confident enough to meet a girl, you can plan a meeting with her.

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