Bed Alternatives For Small Space – Easy To Move Options 

If you live in a single-room apartment, having a large bed with you can be highly space-consuming. If you did not have that double-size bed, you could have used the space for other valuable things. But everyone needs a bed for a sound and comfortable sleep. Or maybe not? 

Well, these days, furniture makers and designers have come up with so many options of alternatives for our traditional bulky beds, which are lightweight, space-conscious and some of them are portable too. So today, we will see and discuss some great replacements for traditional beds to save a lot of space in the living room.

Understand Your Budget, Requirement And Room’s Specification – Replacing Traditional Beds

But before we look at the alternatives, we need to look around and understand our requirements for the new bed. Requirements like dimensions or size of the bed, lightweight frame or heavy, down to the surface or levitating, etc. Other than that, sometimes we might be looking to alternatives that aren’t the wooden framed beds but something like a foldable mattress or sofa that can be used as a bed when required and more.

In the upcoming information, we will see some easy-to-install replacements and some beds with proper furniture redo. These beds are primarily focused on free space in the room, or these alternatives for small spaces are designed to serve multiple purposes at a time.

Murphy Bed – The Brilliant Space-Saving Idea For Beds

Murphy beds are the ones that fold down from a wall or cabinet in the wall, which could range from a single-sized bed to a deluxe one. Of course, it depends upon the budget, how elegant your murphy bed will look, and what features it would have. But it’s always possible to have a basic murphy bed that is light weight, easy to fold and set up, and saves plenty of space when folded into the cabinet or wall.

Trundle Bed Or Drawer Bed – A Different Type Of Foldable Bed

 A trundle bed is also folded but in a different manner. It has two separate berths of the mattress, and one of them folds and goes under the other. Such beds are perfect for kids as they can use the single top bed during the day for play and bring the lower bed out in the night for sleep. 

Loft Bed Or Bunk Bed Without The Bottom Bunk For Useful Space

Generally, the problem with the traditional beds is that they don’t have enough space to keep or store any item, and as a solution to this, loft beds were designed. Now either you consider a loft bed as the regular bed with longer legs or imagine it as a bunk bed without a lower bunk. This modified bed style offers enough space beneath it that can be used to keep other furniture like a table or anything else that you wish.

Alternatives To Beds – Frameless Options Of Beds For Comfortable Sleeping

  • Foldable mattresses have gained massive popularity among bachelors, especially since they are highly portable, require less space, and have multiple functionalities. You can choose from various sizes, colors, materials, and mattress quality as you like for sound sleep.
  • Futons are a better option than foldable mattresses if you are ready to spend a little extra. What’s good about the futon is that it offers multiple adjustment settings that allow you to use it as a bed or a couch with different seating and sleeping adjustments.
  • Bedroll, Thai massage mat, or floor cushions are more names in the category that you can pick according to the level of comfort that you want. These alternatives for small spaces also come cheaper than actual beds or framed beds with foundations.

Some people also prefer Hammock beds as they come cheap, while others go with an air mattress or air sofa cum bed type options. These are real space savers, easy to store, portable, and comfortable options for sleeping. If you are looking for multi-functional options, a recliner or sofabed or hanging beds can also make it on your list. These options are trendy, fashionable and one can also try various experiments with these choices to find the right one.


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