Becoming Who We Are

In becoming who we are:

“The greatest thing is, at any moment, to be willing to give up who we are, in order to become all that we can become”. (Max D. Pree).

Everyone, from birth, is structured by their immediate family and later, the community, so as to become who they are. The situation often is constricting and restrictive. We don’t become all that we could become, we just become something for the others, compliant to their wishes.

Many people find later in life, that constrictions and restrictions imposed upon them from birth have distorted their potential to be someone other than who they now are. Many children are born into poverty, unemployed, drug addicted populations. Others are born into the cult of middle class consumerism. Many over achievers and “stars” need to thank their parents for getting them where they are.

Often parents who have failed to achieve their full potential see their children as a means of fulfilling frustrated ambition. Such children will be well rewarded if successful. If they fail to make the grade, they might spend a lifetime feeling guilty. Never knowing the reason why whatever else that they ever do seems to be of no value, serves no purpose.

When we are made a “puppet” of other people’s desire, we often comply because we don’t know any better, and we are rewarded, with love and affection for our compliant ways. Some children lack encouragement and support, Activities and skills that they could have been good at don’t get a chance to develop.

Increasingly children are becoming obese, sedentary and lack imagination. Children turn to substance abuse to fill in the gaps in their life. Young kids sniff petrol and glue, and become addicted to cannabis and alcohol. It is an avoidable tragedy. All that we need to do is to give every child an opportunity to realize their own unique potential.

Sometimes people will live and die not knowing their full potential – their life has been successful, and satisfying. Nothing has challenged their blind obedience and following of “rules”. Such people will tend to be complacent, dogmatic and ultimately trusting. Even to their own detriment they will be obedient. People fail to see that they have run their race with pacifiers and blinkers on, under the crack of the whip.

Duty, honor, and keeping the faith are ideals that we strive to meet. Sometimes we need something more to make our lives complete.

Anyone who feels jaded, abraded, and discontent with their life can benefit from holistic therapies and counseling. It is a better option than visiting a doctor to see if he has something for mild anxiety or depression. A side effect of prescription drugs is that most can become highly addictive. Addiction is almost inevitable when we find that drug use can bring us relief from emotional tension.

Holistic drug and alcohol detox can get drugs right out of your system. Free of drugs we are more able to see all that we could become, and the issues that are blocking it. Holistic counseling can take you on the ultimate trip – supported by natural therapies – changing your viewpoint on many things such as nutrition, relaxation and exercise. It is an ambitious project to start to change your life. However, you will be well rewarded by reduction of emotional stress and gain the ability to be and become the person that you want to be.

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