Alcohol Stimulants Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue syndrome is very much a disorder of modern times, a hormonal imbalance and depletion brought on by chronic emotional, physical and mental stress. Chronic stress to body and mind has many causes today – workplace issues, environmental chemical spills, air and water pollution. Extra and avoidable stress on the body includes alcohol drinking and stimulant drug abuse.

It is the job of the adrenal glands to produce anti stress steroid hormones such as cortisol, adrenalin, testosterone and estrogen that regulate and control all aspects of body function in relation to stress. When there is adrenal insufficiency the body lacks energy to make a powerful response to stress. Adrenal insufficiency can arise from genetic disorder, but most frequently is entirely due to lifestyle factors that do not support good health in the body.

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If required to deal with long term chronic stress, the adrenal glands can suffer “burnout” and produce stress related hormones erratically, or not at all.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include feelings of depression, excessive tiredness and lethargy, yet difficulties with sleep, low levels of blood sugar and blood pressure, often a craving for sweets and sugar to pep up ‘energy” levels. People can feel dizzy, nauseous and lack concentration. Adrenal insufficiency is a form of physical exhaustion.

The biochemicals produced by the adrenals enable us to go into overdrive in order to face a threat or peril. The chemicals for flight or fight are rapidly mobilized when we experience stress. Stress response hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol are designed to activate different parts of the body, such as increase the heart rate, for a short period of time to overcome the emergency. There is a trade off of non-vital body functions, in favor of what is needed for immediate survival that the secretions from the adrenal glands regulate.

When stress factors become long term and are not able to be resolved, the body is left in a permanent state of siege – functioning in survival mode. We never achieve a natural state of complete rest and repose. On the other hand, the constraints of community living and diplomacy mean that we don’t fully discharge and use up the chemicals activated to deal with our conflicts and stress, by physically acting out any feelings we have of hostility and anger.

Modern life already imposes stress to the body in the form of environmental pollution that can include toxic food products, and excessive noise. Studies have shown that increased frequency of autism occurs in children who live close to the noise and high volumes of traffic on the freeway.

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In other sins of commission, and omission, there is over eating of the wrong type of food, failure to eat food that nourishes, not getting enough sleep, lack of age appropriate exercise.

Use of stimulant drugs such as meth, speed drugs, cocaine, Ritalin, even caffeine is often unsupported by high levels of nutrition, and sleep is disrupted when people “chasing the dragon” go on stimulant binges that keep them awake for several days. Adrenal fatigue contributes to the feeling of having hit a brick wall in stimulant drug withdrawal, with related depression and apathy.

The appropriate remedy for adrenal fatigue is complete rest and recuperation, together with nutritional supplements to allow the adrenal function to re-stabilize the body to normal.

Ironically, the traditional treatment for chronic fatigue symptoms is to “medicate” a person with stimulant drugs. When stimulant drugs, prescription or illicit, are used to modify adrenal insufficiency the drugs replace adrenal function and contribute to the body being unable to respond adequately to stress.

Interestingly, the protocols that natural health practitioners recommend to overcome adrenal insufficiency are the same in principle to the treatment provided for drug and chemical detox, by comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs that use the Hubbard method of detoxification.

Part of the Hubbard protocol is support for the detox process by introducing high levels of minerals and vitamins such as calcium and magnesium. High doses of minerals and vitamins, supported by a complete and nutritious diet, use of fresh water and exercise is precisely the environment in which adrenal insufficiency can best recover.

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People today who suffer from lethargy, depression and low motivation, who get cravings for sweet food and drinks, might be suffering from a thresh hold adrenal insufficiency brought on by lifestyle factors. People using illicit drugs or alcohol will find that with chronic abuse hangover and withdrawal effects are intensified by adrenal disorder.

Using drugs to “kick start” the body and mind so as to overcome adrenal deficiency, puts us into a loop – and an endless need for ongoing drug support.

People today who feel overly stressed, who want to give up alcohol and drug dependence, can use comprehensive drug detox and rehab facilities with confidence.

Comprehensive alcohol and drug recovery programs use the sauna detox as safe and effective for a complete chemical detox of the body – the only basis for complete addiction recovery.

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