Academic Performance- Result Oriented Scheme

Just imagine the days when you were a teenager and go to school on an exam day. How would you imagine what it feels like? Naturally, you would feel that gutted knot in the stomach as though your stomach is like a girder on which heavy bricks are being planted.

Everyone has experienced that feeling numerous times in their life and it begins when you have to test your academic skills by giving practical, oral and written exams, which many people consider a nightmare.

They aren’t to be blamed however as they are burdened by their parents right from day one as they are virtually saddled with the unfulfilled ambitions of the parents that see him as the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and bring up their name in the society.

International School Formula

Everyone would have heard about the General Certificate for Secondary Education (GCSE) and International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) that take place in the United Kingdom and considered the ultimate for any British citizen in the field of education.

Although there was a time when IGCSE was ranked lower in the excellence field compared to GCSE, the gap has been bridged in the past few years because both are examinations involving English language where an individual’s total command over reading, writing and speaking is tested considerably.

Garden International School has witnessed a record percentage of students that have cleared their IGCSE with more than 90% of achieving it in one go, a feat virtually unheard of for many years.

IGCSE Singapore has an excellent curriculum that allows students to cultivate skills at a random pace through and this is a common practice during secondary education phase for all schools in Singapore.

The only difference being is that GCE exams are at ‘O’ level in Singapore Cambridge while Pearson Edexcel GCSE and Cambridge IGCSE are among the most prominent world exams that you can find.

There has been an ongoing debate among aficionados of both Pearson and Singapore Cambridge regarding which of the two is better, which is totally unnecessary as both have their own equal contributions in the field of education and shaping the future of many a student.


Garden International School has seen a rise in academic results amongst students as there are numerous folks that are determined to prove their skills in academics where it is difficult to find an exceptionally adept person nowadays.

  1. For a student to do well in studies and score really high, he/she needs to receive good quality education on a consistent basis and GIS has an impressive track record, which is why it consistently yields excellent students due to its strong academic structure
  2. An excellent score means that the student has studied everything for which the credit goes to his teacher that has taught him well and in such a manner that he has no trouble in understanding
  3. Good results mean that the student has a bright future to try out better things and GIS does just that
  4. GIS has a good range of subjects that allows the child to cultivate skills in most of them
  5. Every student has his/own skill set and GIS has room for all types of student that shine in one field or another

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