11 Tips On How To Approach Women

One of the most nerve-racking moments for men is approaching a woman they are interested in. This is because they may face a polite or impolite rejection. To be successful, you need to know how to handle yourself. Here are 11 tips on how to approach women.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Prior to actually approaching a woman, you should practice doing it. Face the mirror and start a conversation with your image as if you were the woman. Practice what you will say. The more you practice, the more comfy you shall be when the time comes that you are really standing in front of her.

She Must Be Willing to Be Approached

Before you set out on your mission, make sure that the woman you wish to approach is in fact approachable. There are non-verbl signs that women give out if they should be approached or not. A woman who is facing away from people with her arms crossed means she is not interested to talk. If you see her talking to other people with a smile and an open body language, this is the best time to approach her and gain a positive response from her.

Make the First Move

You should always make the initial move and not wait for her to do this. Go to her and initiate a friendly and light conversation. If you wait a lot longer, you will become less confident and tenser. If she gives you the brush-off, just leave her and go for other women who are approachable. Read our article “4 simple ways to use body language to attract women” for more ideas on how to make your move.

Be Truthful

When approaching a woman, be honest and direct. Women are aware when someone just wants to pick them up for sex. They know when a man is not being truthful.

Confidence Is a Must

Be confident when you approach a woman. Dwell on your positive traits, skills and talents. Remove all the doubts you have about yourself. It is not about being arrogant but if a woman sees you doubting yourself, it will turn her off. She can sense your lack of confidence and if you are just faking it. Approach her with a straight body because good posture means you are one confident man. For more on how to be confident, please read our article: “10 ways to be more confident as a male“.

Be Casual

When you approach her, do it nonchalantly. If it appears that you made such an effort to approach her, you will look desperate. Effort is different from courage. You can make all the effort you want but do not show this to her. Appear casual when you go up to her because this will make you look confident. In addition, when you approach her, make sure it is in an environment that is not threatening such as in a park or a mall. If it is possible, avoid going up to women in nightclubs or bars because it is in these places where their defences are up.

Be Spontaneous

Another tip on how to approach women is to do it with spontaneity. You should practice acting spontaneous in front of the mirror so that you will look confident and smooth when you “accidentally bump” into her. You will not be able to perform well if you are tense. When you converse with a woman, think of it as the usual conversations you have with other people. Just because you are interested in her does not make her an extraordinary person because she is, in fact, a regular human being.

Be Sinere

Show sincerity when you are approaching and conversing with a woman. You can do this by listening and responding to what she has to say. Pay her a compliment but do not overdo it as she will know you are not sincere. Before you respond to what she is saying, let her smile first.

Compliment Her Best Qualities

Check her out first before you pay her a compliment. If she is the type who may receive thousands of compliments on her looks every day, acknowledge her other qualities. This will make you stand out from the other guys she talks to. Take interest in her favourite pastimes or her job.

Take Things Slowly

It would be best to slowly take things. Your conversation must be natural so do not immediately hound her about her number or yourdate invitation. Again, do not appear desperate. Connect with her first and initiate friendship so that she will become comfortable with you. Be different from all the other guys by not being forceful. This will make her trust you.

Leave with Poise

After you hae approached and conversed with her, leave with poise. Do not stay too long as this may harm the goodwill and rapport you have built with her. Rouse her interest by not looking too interested. Before you leave, tell her you enjoyed speaking to her but you need to leave. She may give you her number voluntarily because she enjoyed talking to you and would like to continue the friendship.

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